Uniformagazine 4


Uniformbooks is an imprint for the visual and literary arts, cultural geography and history, music and bibliographic studies. The uniformity of the format and the expansive variety of the list and its subjects, is characteristic of our open approach to publishing. The printed quarterly Uniformagazine ran to ten issues, from 2014 to 2017, gathering contributions by the writers and artists that we work with, sometimes thematically, as well as slighter or singular content.

This issue features: Solar Eclipse David Bellingham/ From the Top of Harvey House, Brentford Towers Stephen Willats. Unshelfmarked Elizabeth James. Allotment 3 Simon Cutts. Drawing Landscape The Work of Geoffrey Hutchings. Unprinting the paper Jan Voss. Death by Denim Rebecca Chesney. Kern Derek Beaulieu. The Long Shed Erica Van Horn. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide Ken Worpole. Watercress farm Waddock Cross, Dorset. 

Recently The Guardian critic Jonathan Jones wondered scathingly if the late Terry Pratchett might have wanted his final posthumous novel “…pulped by a steamroller”; pulped…? Surely flattened more like. Here, as if plucked from a laundry list, then hung out to dry—aired in public maybe—this fourth issue has once again been naturally attracted to, whilst avoiding, some theme or other.

Measures: 12.4 x 14.5 cm
Pages: 32
Binding: Soft cover, stapled