Tart Magazine 02


Tart is a magazine of interviews, essays, fiction, poetry, playlists, photography, art and recipes – all sewn together by the sinew of food. Featuring pieces from local and international contributors, its insides evoke everything that comes to mind when we are gathered around food: memories, emotions, sensations, occasions, rituals, habits. Food is always a character, whether main or supporting, and Tart is filled with juicy stories of its many lives.

Issue 02 includes an essay about art and burnout by chef Ella Mittas; a conversation about Aboriginal agriculture and knowledge between Bruce Pascoe and Anaiwan writer Nick Harvey-Doyle; a philosophy of dirt from Annie Smithers; photography by Yaseera Moosa; a bilingual meditation on cultural food rituals by French-Algerian writer Farah Keram; original cover artwork by Rose Goodchild and more.

Measures: 17 x 24 cm
Pages: 170
Binding: Soft cover