Sweet Caroline No. 7 Oil for Body & Hair


The No. 7 Oil for Body & Hair is a multi-talented everyday oil packed with nourishing botanicals. Lather it generously for improved elasticity, and a healthy, dewy glow. Good for hair, face and body.

Utilising premium organic and natural ingredients, Sweet Caroline’s products for hair and body are formulated with a balance of essential oils, and crafted in small batches to ensure their quality and potency.

How to get the best of No. 7 Oil for Body & Hair:  After your shower or bath, use hands to apply to slightly damp skin. Massage in circular motions towards the heart, until absorbed.

Tips for use on hair: Apply a small amount to hair ends and brush through. Massage into dry areas and leave overnight as a treatment, or apply to hair for about 15 to 20 minutes, rinse then shampoo. Also great applied to ends of damp freshly washed hair before blow drying.

Coriander, Baobab Oil, Camellia, Marula, Safflower oil - Paraben & Sulphate free, for all skin types.