Space Is the Place: Current Reflections on Art and Architecture


The terms ”place“ and ”space“ are often used as synonyms for one another, but there is a semantic difference between the two words. ”While places are constantly creating and moulding our identities, spaces allow us to ex- amine the identities which have been made,“ as the editor of the publication comments in his introduction to its artistic field of research.

The book looks at the way places and spaces can be designed and shaped, bringing together performances, interviews, and essays — its title refers to the Afrofuturist science-fiction classic Space Is the Place by legendary jazz musician Sun Ra, whose character in the film wanted to lead the souls of black America to a better future in outer space. The volume ties in with Space Is the Place, the exhibition cycle curated by Lukas Feireiss at the BNKR — current reflections on art and architecture gallery space in Munich, which ran from September 2018 to July 2019.

Lukas Feireiss works as a curator, writer, and art director in the international mediation of contemporary cultural reflexivity beyond disciplinary boundaries.

Measures: 16.5 x 24cm
Binding: Softcover 
Pages: 192