Science of the Secondary #13 - Rubbish


Science of the Secondary is an inquisitive approach towards uncovering implicit conditions that exist in our experience of the everyday. When speaking of the term ‘secondary’, we are referring to conditions and sensations that human beings are not conscious of in their day-to-day interaction with things and the immediate surroundings. Accumulating this rich and boundless field of knowledge, the research hopes to draw upon a renewed sensibility towards living, with much excitement and freshness.

It is true that the pleasures of consumption have always been accompanied by the burdens of rubbish. This can be considered a modern problem facing human beings today. Rubbish is integral and almost inseparable from the basic functions of our everyday. From the moment we reach out for a piece of tissue to the yearly ritual of unwrapping gifts, we produce rubbish so effortlessly (and sometimes unknowingly) Yet, neither its near infinite variety of forms nor its ambiguous definition reflect the near-universal approaches we have all adapted towards the handling of rubbish…

Measures: 17 x 25 cm
Pages: 48
Binding: Softcover