Rights of Way: The Body as Witness In Public Space


The movements of our individual and collective bodies through cities and space have long, complex histories. Despite associations with the everyday, the seemingly obvious or even the mundane; when considered at length, our bodily movements, and our ability (or inability) to move through space and place transforms us from mere bystanders into activators and witnesses of our cities.

Against our current backdrop of shifting city borders, mass surveillance, tightening immigration controls, technological advancements, precarious citizenship rights, widespread gentrification, divisive body politics and limited access to public space, Rights of Way weaves together testimony, academic research, essay, fiction, analysis and interview to question who has the rights of way to gather the past, the present and the future of public space and to envision new forms of witnessing for the cities in which we reside.

Measures: 13 x 20cm
Binding: Softcover 
Pages: 236