Paris Céramique, Bastien Aubry, Dimitri Broquard, Adrien Horni & Thomas Mailaender


Paris Céramique features the works of Bastien Aubry, Dimitri Broquard, Adrien Horni and Thomas Mailaender realized at an amicable meeting organized by Mailaender in the spring of 2013 in Paris. The 23 plates in this book are arrangements of ceramic objects created by the four artists, a reflection of France in the XXI century.

Bastien Aubry (1974) and Dimitri Broquard (1969) live and work in Zurich. At the core of their practice is the construction of compelling environments that combine craft and design to create art. Their work, at once humorous and precarious, is motivated by the poetry of failure and the beauty found in the less-than-perfect. Much of their work features misshapen ceramic objects, such as jugs or pipes, which are placed on perfectly symmetrical displays, offering a clear vision of art in opposition to design, their secondary profession.

Adrien Horni (1982) lives and work in Biel. He is the publisher of Turbo Magazine and works as one part of the artist duo Linus Bill and Adrien Horni. They have been working together since 2011 on large-scale works that blend collage, painting, reproduction, printing, scanning, photography among other mediums, as well as on various publications just as much hybrid as their large compositions.

Thomas Mailaender (1979) lives and works between Paris and Marseille. Mailaender uses humour as provocation, making work that reveals the absurdity of the everyday and pokes fun at the pretensions of the art-photography world. He delights in hoaxes, pranks, elaborate and sometimes willfully amateurish charades. Thanks to Nieves (Zurich). 

Measures: 22 x 32cm
Binding: Soft cover 
Pages: 24