Pan After x Hunted & Gathered - Toasted Sesame Chocolate Pieces


Pan After’s Toasted Sesame Chocolate Pieces are all organic, handmade from bean to bar from a mix of 55% dark chocolate, packed with lightly toasted sesame seeds,  offering a delicate crunch and a crisp nutty flavour. 

Made in collaboration with Hunted and Gathered, a Chocolate producer and brand based in Cremone, Melbourne. Hunted and Gathered are established Chocolatiers, where the emphasis is placed on exploring and exhibiting the flavours, depths and variances between different cacao beans that are sourced from various parts of the globe. 

100% organic ingredients: cacoa beans, coconut sugar, cacao butter, organic sesame seeds (20%), organic vanilla, organic sunflower lecithin 


Choose from Blue Striped Tin or Brown Striped Tin - both contain the same ingredients.