Le Feu De L'Eau Candle - Fig Leaf


Le Feu De L'Eau translates as The Fire of The Water, the Los Angeles based company creates artistically designed, hand-crafted candles inspired by the 'fantasy candles' of the late 60's. Their attention to quality, artistry and beauty is captured in each unique product they produce.


Each 'artisanal' candle is hand sculpted underwater with a high temperature wax. The colour is hand mixed and the fragrances are custom blended into a soy candle filling. Created without using a mould, a top-secret process invented by the founders father in the 60's, each candle is unique, therefore no two are alike. 

Measures roughly 9.5cm high x 10cm wide. Burn time approx 80 hours.


A simple soy wax candle in a small glass votive, offering a sample of the same signatures scents from the artisanal range. 

Measures approx 6cm high x 5cm wide. Burn time approx 22 hours.

 Scent is Fig, made in USA.