Het ongelijke van hetzelfde - Klaas Gubbels

The coffee pots, chairs, tables, bottles and chessboards by Dutch artist Klaas Gubbels are iconic. Since the early 1950s, Gubbels occupies a unique and easily recognisable position in Dutch visual art. Although Gubbels is best known for his 'super boring still lifes' – as the artist himself calls them – he does not limit himself to the flat surface. This is the first monograph on Klaas Gubbels that presents an overview of his works on paper, his paintings, as well as his sculptures, assemblages and objets trouvés. Some works deviate from the archetypal Gubbels forms and shapes, yet even those works touch upon the same theme, of tenaciously and unabatingly observing everyday objects.

Measures: 24 x 30 cm
Pages: 312
Binding: Softcover