‘Objetos de Hojalata’ by Fabien Cappello – Candelabro 3

‘Objetos de Hojalata Para el Hogar' by Fabien Cappello is a series of functional tin objects for the home, exploring both craft as a technique and an industrial production. 

In Mexico, the word ‘Holajata’ describes a trade that works in the production of functional objects and utensils, which are either tin-plated or galvanised, rolled and embossed metal sheets. Vases, buckets, watering cans and all kinds of other functional containers are made within the Holjata trade, cutting and shaping the thin material with a small amount of tooling and a great deal of savoir-faire. This body of work reveals unexpected aspects of the locality and an open approach to the working practices of culture in the making. 

Based in Guadalajara, Mexico, Fabien Cappello is a Designer whose work spans across furniture and product design including conceptual work for public institutions and environments. All works share a high consideration for craft techniques reflecting design through people and their interactions with space, environment and material culture. 

Hand-crafted in Mexico from galvanised tin.

'Candelabro 3' includes a pair of candle holders, one small and one large.

Small measures 18cm high x 12cm wide.
Large measures 25cm high x 12cm wide. 

Candles included.