Dream Magazine 04


DREAM is a biannual magazine and digital platform that observes objects from fixation and curiosity created by set designer and art director Cristina Ramos and renowned fashion photographer Txema Yeste. Born from its collaborators’ imagination, DREAM contemplates the relationships we have with the objects and materials that surround us. 

This issue features: Light caresses us. Light gives us warmth. Light gives us life, it is, in fact, a source of life. Like music, light it is capable of filling empty spaces, of going into the deepest places. Even if we cannot touch it with our own hands, we create it and play with it. The reflections, the shadows, the different colours are the result of an exposure of light. In this issue we have explored light as a subject from different perspectives of collaborators and artists from all around the world.

Measure: 20 x 29 cm 
Pages: 376
Binding: Hardcover