Indigo Cloth 002


A vintage indigo dyed cloth from northern Ghana. Hand spun cotton panels are strip woven on a narrow loom, sewn selvedge to selvedge - featuring a stitch resist geometric motif. 

The practice of indigo dying is one of the oldest textile techniques in the world and it was the foundation of many textile traditions throughout West Africa. For centuries, before the introduction of synthetic dyes, the ability to transform white cotton into prized deep blue cloth was a highly valuable skill passed down by specialist dyers from generation to generation. Indigo is obtained from local plant sources, either indigofera or lonchocarpus cyanescans. The wearing of indigo cloth signified wealth, abundance and fertility - different regions throughout West Africa adopted their own distinctive process and designs that are still highly regarded today.

100% cotton, naturally dyed, a collectable piece in great condition. 

Measures 114 x 171cm.