Aluminium Round Tray

A collection of timeless aluminium products for the household.

These quality pieces have been manufactured in Portugal since 1969, original designs and traditional techniques have been preserved in the manufacturing process — stamping, pressing and stretch form aluminium works are inherent in their timeless design. This collection of functional, culinary objects are light-weight and versatile. 

A simple round tray that can be used for cooking or serving. 

Care: This item will last a long time if it is cared for correctly. Please note, aluminium is a soft metal and does not return to its original state once marked, scratched or dented.  We recommend washing by hand to preserve the life of these pieces and avoiding contact with acidic foods or liquids. 

Round Tray Medium measures 31cm diameter x 2cm high. 
Round Tray Large measures 41cm diameter x 4cm high.