Barra Rojo Mug

This collection of pottery, known as ‘Barro Rojo’, is hand-crafted from natural red clay by a cooperative of women residing in the rural Zapotec village of San Marcos,  Tlapazola. This village, which is located about an hour outside of Oaxaca, Mexico, has been renowned for its production of cookware and tableware made from red clay for over 20 generations. The women make each piece entirely by hand using ancient-old techniques, with no mould or wheel. The mud is collected from the surrounding mountains and once hand built into unique shapes, is fired in a traditional outdoor kiln.  Each piece is charmingly imperfect, showcasing its handmade and rustic beauty. As a result of their artisanal creation, no two pieces are precisely identical in terms of size, shape, or colour.

Made in Mexico. When you purchase one of these pieces, you are contributing to the survival of artisan communities in and around Oaxaca who rely on their craft for their livelihoods.

We recommend these pieces for purely ornamental use. They are lead-free with no chemical sealants used, and as clay is porous, it will absorb any liquid it encounters. Clean with a soft cloth, or gentle hand wash only when required. Due to the nature of red clay, these pieces are fragile and imperfections are part of their charm.

Mug  measures approximately 8.5cm diameter x 10.5cm high.