LagunaB 'Fantasia' & 'Margherite Nere' Collection

We are excited to present two new lines of glassware from LagunaB — their signature ‘Fantasia’ collection and the ‘Margherite Nere’ collection, an exclusive to Pan After. These timeless and quality pieces are made to last for generations, whimsical yet contemporary patterns and colours work effortlessly in a combination as they do alone. This world-famous and collectable glassware is steeped in tradition, crafted by masters of their trade and presented in unconventional ways. 

LagunB Pan After


Based in Venice, Italy - LagunaB was founded in 1996 by Marie Brandolini when she reinterpreted the Goto de fornace, and more recently taken over by her son Marcantonio Brandolini, who continues to lead the way for Murano’s craft and culture.  Ancient old glassmaking techniques are combined with contemporary design and sustainability to produce a collection of unexpected and timeless pieces. 

LagunaB Pan After

LagunaB’s practice extends beyond the different lines of glassware; sustainability, education and culture is at the core of what they do. Larger interdisciplinary projects such as ‘AUTONOMA’  — an educational factory in Murano that offers an exchange program with Seattle’s Pilchuck School of Glass, was established to inspire and nurture the next generation of glassmakers. As a broader study on waste and re-use, Brandolini co-created VITAL  a project dedicated to enhance and restore the natural capital of the Venetian Lagoon and the services offered by its ecosystem. Through research and dedication they position LagunaB to co-exist with the environment and nature as they implement sustainable distribution techniques, plastic-free packaging and maintain carbon neutrality.


 Preserving Italy’s craft and traditions of glassmaking along with their community initiatives and projects is the essence of their innovative business approach. Presenting glass to a new generation of buyers and collectors is a part of the balance as they continue to rethink the future of glassmaking, the impact it has on the environment, our culture and importantly their home city of Venice.Explore the range of LagunaB glassware in store & online.