Ceramics by Fiona Scanlan

Pan After is excited to present an incredible collection of ceramic vessels and lamps by Fiona Scanlan. Hand-built forms of magnificent scale, this is Fiona's first body of ceramic work inspired by the things she loves.


“I feel my work has become such an outpouring of the things I love. I love the big bold shapes and I love the serenity. I love the smallest detail and the purest forms of colour. Ceramics has given me the opportunity to try and achieve the balance between the exuberance. Working in a white stone clay I make hand-built forms and play endlessly with scale. My work is very intuitive and I do what I feel I would like to discover and inevitably like to find.”

Fiona Scanlan lives and works in Melbourne after many years devoted to the fashion industry. Presently co-curating an exhibition in Melbourne to celebrate her beloved home city of Melbourne and the artists that live within.

The full collection is on show and available at Pan After - for all enquiries please e-mail info@panafter.com.au.