Telephone Wire Bowl - Aubergine


Our range of telephone wire vessels are hand crafted in South Africa by a co-operative of skilled weavers. Telephone wire is tightly woven to form bowls of varying sizes in a range of considered colours. The weaving project is a fair-trade initiative that focuses on mentoring local artisans — workshops that teach unemployed women and men how to weave leads into intensive skill development, training and on-going employment. This craft is difficult to master with only a handful of particular weavers who can make the larger cone bowls.

Pan After worked closely with the project to develop a range of contemporary pieces, both functional and sculptural. 

100% telephone wire, can be gently hand-washed. 

Small Round Bowl measures 11cm round x 5cm high.
Medium Round Bowl measures 18cm round x 8cm high. 
Large Round Bowl measures 22cm round x 9cm high. 

Small Cone Bowl measures 20cm round x 17cm high.
Medium Cone Bowl measures 28cm round x 24cm high.
Large Cone Bowl measures 35cm round x 28cm high.