Soapstone Saucer

A collection of household items hand-carved from soapstone by talented artisans based in Tabaka, Kenya. The community project was founded in 1998 by a group of crafters who wanted to make use of the current resource within their reach, namely soapstone.  Their aim was to create a strong platform for artisans, preserving the craft of soapstone carving, whilst ensuring the artisans in the region earned a regular and fair income, the project today employs over 40 people with their work selling world wide. Soapstone is a type of rock that is naturally soft and suitable for carving, it occurs in a number of natural colours ranging from white, pink, grey and black. While it can be found all over the world, the ‘white’ soapstone can only be found in Kenya, making their raw material very unique. 

We worked closely with the project to create a small collection of simple and useful items for the home. Each piece is carefully made by hand, the process of carving soapstone is thorough, and delicate at times as it require a lot of skill, patience and experience. 

A simple dish perfect to hold dry foods or suitable as a decoration, they can be wiped with a damp cloth, cannot be emerged in water. Please note colours and subtle markings do vary and each shape is slightly unique.

Saucer measures roughly 15cm diameter x 0.7cm high.