Marfa 19


Marfa Journal (formally Marfamily) is a collaborative project, presenting an intimate take on the current state of culture. It blends various disciplines of contemporary arts into the format of a hardcover book.

Framed by three fictional letters from Osaka, Los Angeles and Berlin, this issue was put together with our personal uplifting mantra in mind: YIN YANG, DING DONG.

As always, the issue is filled to the brim with delightful contributions from Senta Simond, Lily McMenamy, Jess Cole, Andre Walker, Ethan James Green, Emma Wyman, Alexandra Gordienko, Oliver Haddle-Pearch, Anton Gottlob, Esther Theaker, Bianca Raggi, Max Farago, Theo Sion, Linda Engelhardt, Max Pearmain, Nick Sethi, Jonathan Frantini, Takashi Homma and Avena Gallagher.

It’s been a hectic time but we’re never not accomplishing something. Here is the list of what we’ve achieved: a visit to Pina Bausch principal ballerina Emma Barrowman in Wuppertal; met up with the owner of Berlin’s most iconic coffee-house institution; took a stroll around the impressive studio of Thomas Ruff in Düsseldorf; walked the streets of New York City with Sandra Bernhard and Lizzi Bougatsos; listened to the ocean waves with Abby Champion in Los Angeles. Back in London, we had a ‘deep and meaningful’ chat with Mark Leckey and shared a plate of creamed spinach with Keira Knightley.

We produced some undoubtedly brilliant photo shoots too, featuring Esther McGregor and Jeanne Cadieu and another that includes menswear fashion, which you don’t often see in MARFA. Truly winning content.

Available in various covers. 

Measures: 19.5 x 23.5 cm
Pages: 309
Binding: Hard cover