Szilvassy Ceramic Dish 001 - Wattle Celadon (Medium)


Szilvassy is the ceramic studio of artist Shari Lowndes. Based in Melbourne, Australia, her work endeavours to blur the lines between artefact and everyday object. Working predominantly with clay, Shari’s work draws upon a deep connection to land and heritage, where each piece is embedded with a narrative of human connection and emotive form. This curated body of work is a collection from Szilvassy’s Aether and Forma series, comprising of wheel-thrown cups, jars, vessels and dishes. 

This particular piece is from Szilvassy’s Aether series, an ongoing collection exploring the idea of our connection to the human senses. Locally sourced red iron oxide clays is combined with a unique glaze developed with native Wattle ash.

Dish 001 measures 28cm diameter x 4cm high.