JB Blunk Servers - Walnut


A noted American twentieth century sculptor and a significant figure in the craft field in the sixties and seventies, late artist, JB Blunk (b.1926) is renowned for his large scale wooden sculptures with an extensive body of work spanning across stone, cast bronze, painting, jewellery, clay and carved wood. 

Originally created in the 1970s by JB Blunk, these walnut serving spoons were the centrepiece for the artist’s dinners, accompanying salads and other dishes. Blunk crafted the pair in his Inverness studio out of wood scraps, or fall-offs, from his large-scale sculptures. Timeless in form and function, these pieces are reproduced by Jack Sasaki of Summer Studios, Los Angeles, in collaboration with Commune.

Servers measures 31cm long x 8.5cm wide. 

A 2oz tin of linseed and beeswax food safe wood finish is included with each order.

Hand wash with a small amount of gentle soap and lukewarm water. Hand dry. Apply wood finish with fingers or a thin cotton cloth and allow to soak in for a few hours.