Recipes with Friends Cookbook, Alice Oehr


A low-fi collection of more than 200 recipes, gathered from friends of Alice Oehr.

'An ode to a similar project completed by my class of grade 2 in 1996. 220 fully illustrated pages, spiral bound and printed on recycled paper.
Letter-pressed covers in three eye-popping colours, expertly printed by the wonderful people at Hungry Workshop, also on recycled card (and the mustard is made from coffee cups!).

The book brings together a diverse array of recipes for sweets, savouries & drinks, and reflects the colourful variety within Australian home-cooking. Dishes featured include family favourites, party specialties, and “go-to’s” for weeknight dinners. Many were transcribed from the scrawl of grandmothers, dictated verbally, and some were even (previously) a secret.'

Created for Alice Oehr's CAKE exhibition in 2021.

Measures: 297 x 420mm
Binding: Hard cover
Pages: 220