Real Review Magazine 09


Real Review is a quarterly contemporary culture magazine with the strapline “what it means to live today”. With an agenda that focuses on the politics of space, and looks at how everyday conditions enforce and reinforce power relations, the theme for this issue is ‘Against From Within’.

This issue features: a sixteen-page special project on contemporary life by Wolfgang Tillmans. Text by Virgil Abloh and Jack Self on dissolving power. Chelsea Manning speaks about identity and autonomy in her only interview with an independent UK publication since being released from prison. Comedian Elf Lyons reviews austerity Britain (with readymades by Nicole McLaughlin). In two poems, Svetlana Marich reviews her desire for a doctor. Johann Harri reviews depression. A review on the millennial obsession with houseplants. 

Measures: 11.5 x 26 cm
Binding: Soft cover