Operndorf Afrika, Christoph Schlingensief


In February 2010, Christoph Schlingensief laid the foundation stone for Operndorf Afrika in Burkina Faso. An extensive illustrated book with over three hundred images is being published in 2020, the tenth anniversary of the 'opera village', offering an in-depth insight into the history of the project, based on the rich fund of archive material from the last ten years, which has been reviewed and reorganised from an artistic perspective. Starting with the first sketches showing Schlingensief’s initial thought processes, the book also includes photos of different phases of construction and life in the village today, providing information about the project’s background and the local cultural programme that has been in existence for many years. In addition to a previously unpublished text by Christoph Schlingensief on the vision of the opera village, there are contributions by Aino Laberenz, Francis Kéré, and Elfriede Jelinek, who seek to bridge the gap between the utopian idea of Operndorf and its actual implementation.

Measures: 23 x 30.5cm
Binding: Hard cover 
Pages: 448