NEW Magazine 06


NEW Magazine (formerly INDEX) is a bi-annual publication that examines the intersection between contemporary culture and social progression — a global magazine that brings together thought leaders from fashion, art, architecture, design and more. NEW is designed to be kept and used as a resource for years to come, we look backwards to look forwards. Our pages look ahead to investigate today.

This issue: 


Clément Pascal and Julie Ragolia
Boe Marion and Milton David Dixon
Martina Keenan and Bárbara Vélez
James Veloria
Vivien Ramsay

Juergen Teller
Rachel Rose
Alex Prager
Information (Today)
Tyrrell Winston

Linde Freya Tangelder
Sean Canty
Olaf Grawert on Architecture As A Vehicle For Social Equality
Laker Studios
Joannette Van Der Veer on Design In Conservative Times

Patti Labelle
Simone Gooch (FJURA)
Derek Henderson

Measures: 21 x 29.7 cm
Binding: Softcover (packaged in a box)
Pages: 224