Ugandan Batwa Basket


These finely woven baskets are hand-woven by Batwa women of Uganda. Batwa people have inhabited the Bwinidi Impenetrable Forest region for generations and generations, in recent years the Batwa people have been forced out of their native area due to the ecological and tourism importance, as the area is popular for Mountain Gorillas and trekking.

Now the Batwa people are living impoverished lives on the edge of the forest - basket weaving has become an import part of their lives now as they create goods they can sell, in partnership with conservation trusts workshops and training have been set up to provide the Batwa people with skills to make marketable products. The baskets are woven by women using local raffia palm and grasses. The dyes are all naturally sourced and extracted by the weavers, where the coloured patterns resembles the terraced hillsides.  These baskets are a symbol of hope for the future of the Batwa people. Each one unique. 

Small measures approx 10cm diameter, 12cm high.

Medium measures approx 15.5cm diameter, 12.5cm high.

Large measures approx 17cm diameter, 16cm high.