Marfa 17


Marfa Journal (formally Marfamily) is a collaborative project, presenting an intimate take on the current state of culture. It blends various disciplines of contemporary arts into the format of a hardcover book.

This issue features and contributors include: Juergen Teller, Oliver Hadlee Pearch, Esther Theaker, Lily McMenamy, Jack Day, Max Pearmain, Jess Cole, Lizzi Bougatsos, Senta Simond, Cindy Sherman, Julia Nobis, Pacal Gambarte, Honor Swinton Byrne, Shiva Baby’s Rachel Sennott & Emma Seligman, Derek Gow, Roni Horn, Alvaro Barrington, Rose Salane, Terence Blanchard and more!

Available in various covers. 

Measures: 19.5 x 23.5 cm
Pages: 295
Binding: Hard cover