Josh Robenstone 'Road Side Salt' - Untitled 4


‘Road Side Salt’ (2014) transports the viewer to the sublime desolation of Namibia’s Skeleton Coast. Home to numerous shipwrecks and miles of rippling, mountainous dunes, “The Land God Made in Anger” is also home to Sub Saharan Africa’s largest salt mine, Walvis Bay, and a neighbouring marketplace of salt rocks, quietly assembled by its workers, most likely without consent from their employers and seemingly untouched for decades.

With many decayed beyond recognition, Robenstone documents as a typology of 16 images, the modest stalls still standing, idle in an arid landscape devoid of human activity, with an honesty system of jars, cans and tins waiting as patiently as the salt crystals themselves.

Built from salvaged odds and ends that each have their own personality and charm — perhaps reflecting the nature of the vendors themselves — Robenstone’s collection of images reinforces his reputation for portraiture imbued with visceral character, capturing the objects as if they were themselves alive.

400mm x 600mm Brushed aluminium frame. 

Edition of 20.